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  • A Hermetic View of Stonehenge Posted on 01 February 2014

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    Recently I visited Stonehenge which I didn't expect to be very moving but when you get there you can see with your Hermetic eyes what the original purpose of the site was. The stones stand as a stark contrast to the subtle curves of the hills around you and the original stones in a semi-circle in the centre. The whole place is crowded with tourists but there is plenty of room to sit down and meditate and contemplate the atmosphere. Archeologists found that the original circle was made of wood and upon the laying of the stones human ashes were placed in the holes of the original wooden poles. There is a large stone in the centre which people see as the altar stone but this is quite new in comparison. I believe that this structure was built by a tradition that pre-dates the Druids because the Romans never mentioned that the Druids found this site of any interest, let alone sacred but rather that they used to meet in wooded areas or groves due to their sacred connection to the trees. The whole thing has a great force and feel about it, although others have said that they can't feel anything. If you are in the area, I heartily recommend visiting Stonehenge; here's a video I took.

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