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  • We Bought a Zoo – Film Premiere Posted on 01 February 2014

    We just got back from a private viewing at the 20th Century Fox Building in London.

    If you saw the Channel 4 Television program Ben's Zoo or have read We Bought a Zoo by Benjamin Mee, then you will know that the Mee family bought Dartmore safari park when it had lost its licence and was run down. The old pens hardly held the animals safely and escapes were starting to be increasingly common. It was said that if a buyer was not found the animals would have to be put down and the zoo closed forever. Now there is a feature film called “We Bought a Zoo” based on the family’s amazing story. It's based in America, but the story does show a fictionalised version of the real events that took the family on the adventure of a lifetime and how they made Dartmore Zoological Park one of the most lovely places to visit in the country.

    One of my greatest friends and greatest allies in the world is Duncan Mee. Duncan Mee is one of the co owners of Dartmoor safari park. In the film Duncan is played by Thomas Haden Church (you know the Sand man in Spiderman) It’s a strange thing seeing one of your closest friends played by an actor on the big screen. The name matches as do those about him but the mannerisms and the ways of responding to things is not quite the same.

    In life everyone makes ripples but some people make a splash.

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