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  • A Message From Martin Faulks Posted on 01 February 2014

    To whom it may concern,
    My aim has always been to share with the world the skills and achievements that I believe to be of value, with the hope that others would be inspired to learn these valuable arts. My hope was to be able to demonstrate the great potential all of us have inside ourselves. I hope that some of my works have provided a source of inspiration.
    However, unfortunately many of my actions are very exciting to the press but as they are fueled by complex motives that are also very hard for the media to understand; as a result the press coverage parodies everything I do. So inaccurate and confusing have these reports been, that I feel they are producing the opposite effect than my original intention. I therefore feel it would be  disservice to other practitioners for me to do anything more that could further produce such a result. 
    I have therefore decided to take this opportunity to make a complete withdrawal from my public presence and to focus my full attention on my studies, practice, work and personal life. Anyone interested in my studies should check this blog and youtube channel which are two mediums over which I have complete control.
    Martin Faulks
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