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  • Does Freemasonry Come from Yorkshire Posted on 28 March 2014

    I have just been reading the book York Mysteries revealed by Neville Barker Cryer 

    and have become fascinated by the idea that Freemasonry
    could have come from Yorkshire. I was wondering why this has not had
    as much publicity as the Scottish argument for the origins of the

    We have a fishmonger jointing a stone masons lodges in 1571.

    One reviewer said

    "Neville Cryer has effectively countered Professors Stevensons
    argument that Freemasonry came from Scotland by discovering
    non-operative masons joining a masonic lodge in York much earlier that
    Ashmole Initiation. Michael Baigent - Editor Freemasonry Today"

    Why have we not heard much about this?


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