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  • The Joke that inspired a new venture Posted on 16 January 2015




    There's an old joke that goes around masonic lodges. It for a little something like this.


    An American and an English mason meet on a beach while on holiday. And get talking.


    As they explore the shore line they find a old lamp lying on the shore.


    The American mason pick it up and before you know it one run later a genie appears resplendent in robes and turban floating in the air before them.


    you have one magic wish. Says the genie!


    Only one a sky's the Englishman I thought it was supposed to be three.


    Noo says the genie. That's only in fairy stories!


    Quick in a flash the American mason buts in


    I want you to build and giant freeway for Freemason to go over the ocean bridging America and England so that we can visit each other when ever we like and to see what traditions exist I. Our different lodges


    The genie looked and him in surprise.


    Your kidding he said. You must be having a joke. You want a giant motorway to span the whole of the Atlantic Ocean ! Have you any idea how deep that is? How much concrete it would take to just make one post that hit the bottom. It's madness. I would have to relocate multiple mountains just to get half way. Have you any idea how many man hours would be needed and how unpredictable the ocean is.


    The English man interrupted


    Ok ok  we hear what your saying .. It's a big ask so I have another suggestion.


    I wish that in both our great countries our lodges are filled with cheer, that the brothers are all in harmony and that everyone gets on. People try their best at ritual and that the past masters don't prompt without request. That the lodges unite in charitable goals and work together and that our events are well attended. That no one is jealous of anyone else's promotions rank or attention and that each member of the fraternity steadfastly lives by the principles inculcated in our rituals.


    ..after a pause the genie turns to the American


    So this freeway, how did you envision it? Was it a dual carriageway or single.








    After hearing this joke I was inspired to do something. To bring American and English Freemasonry closer. Click here to see what I'm up to


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