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  • A meeting of the Illuminati in Washington DC Posted on 12 February 2015



    Yes it's true, I just got back from a week in Washington DC at what is known as AMD week or Masonic Week to Freemasons. I was there with my girlfriend Kindra Jones on the Macoy Publishing stand to promote our new Square Tours and bring awareness of the new Lewis Masonic book The Secret School of Wisdom, which is the first book ever to reveal the true rituals and teachings of the illuminati. Read more about this in at GWMM, he is my friend and knows me... he's also editor of Philalthes magazine which is of course edited by Shawn Eyer.


    For me it was an amazing time. We visited the House of the Temple, home to the Scottish Rite and spent time with Brent Morris, who is the editor of the Scottish Rite Journal and an expert on the higher degrees of Masonry. We were given a private tour and had the chance to see some very rare items held in the library there. At the Masonic Society’s dinner we heard Grand Master Michael Halleran speak about the amazing things they are doing at the Grand Lodge of Kansas. And we contemplated the ideal of Masonic enlightenment with Adam Kendall, curator of the Henry Coil Library Museum of the Grand Lodge of California, and Reed Fanning over several drinks. While Kindra’s expertise in arms and armour proved extremely popular with Masons, especially those who had weapons and armour in their lodge or Grand Lodge that they wanted to be identified or dated.


    Then was a visit to George Washington’s Lodge held at the George Washington memorial with author Andrew Hammer and historian Mark Tabbert. Here I was treated to a breathtaking example of how Masonic ritual should be performed, comparable to the Emulation Lodge of Improvement in England.


    I was also fortunate enough to see the Midlothian Lodge in action in Richmond Virginia where the owner of Macoy Publishing, Steve Mccall, is worshipful Master. For me it was amazing to see such an active lodge with blood drives, charity collections for children with hearing difficulties, scholarship programs for those who can’t afford the fees, old people homes for masons and their families. Here the Masons are not only supporting good works, but doing it themselves - a true inspiration.

    I learned a lot about true Freemasonry in Washington

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