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  • A Complete Guide to Shugendo Posted on 15 September 2015

    If you are interested in the Yamabushi tradition or indeed in Japanerse spirituality in general you will want to buy a copy of this book. Its writen by a Yamabushi Grand Master, with a foreword by Ninja expert Stephen K Hayes and covers all aspects of the Yamabushi Tradition,


    SHUGENDŌ The Way of the Mountain Monks







    Foreword - by Stephen K. Hayes       5

    Preface             12

    Introduction      15

    What is Shugendō?           18

    Magical Powers 22

    The Yamabushi 29

    The Clothing of the Yamabushi         32

    The Tools of Enlightenment              39

    The History of Shugendō   42

    Shugendō’s Buddhist Heritage          47

    En no Gyōja - Second Buddha and Magical Founder of Shugendō     55

    Shugendō and Shinto        60

    The Major Deities of Shugendō         67

    Shugendō’s Methods of Enlightenment             90

    Shugendō and Martial Arts               113

    Shugendō, Nature and Conservation  122

    About Koshikidake Shugendō           131




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